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Sphynx cattery

Talialida is a small sphynx cattery located in Kaluga, Russia, registered in TICA (є 20082/ 04.14/2009) and FIFe (є 2000001 07 12 / 22.11.07). I am Natalia Khokhlova is sphynx breeder of Talialida catteryЕ 


Our dream is to raise healthy and well socialized kittens with lots of love and respect. Kittens with adorable characters, healthy in body and mind! Our Sphynx live with us in our house. They spend all of their time with us because they are part of the family. None of our cats are caged!!


We scan all our breeding cats for HCM yearly to assure a long life for your pet. We are glad to maintain close contact with all of our kittens and their new families. We hope you enjoy your visit and, in case of questions, don't hesitate to contact us!


                                                                           Best regards, 

                                                                           Talialida Sphynx Cattery.

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Natalia Khokhlova